We have stories to tell

We have stories to tell

Handcrafted with Soul

What’s the trick with our beer?

    We are obsessed with making beer. Once we make it, make it better the next time. We are never done.
  • LOVE
    Can’t do anything without love. When we say love, we mean details that make the difference between good and awesome beer.
    We have placed the brewery the brewery in a place where the pressure and the water is the best so we have a great base to start from.
  • MALT
    Someone would say that we are wasting money on expensive malt because we use Weyermann Malt from Germany, even for our base malts. We refuse to skimp on our ingredients. As we said, details are important.
  • HOPS
    After a long research and experimenting, we settled on Yakima Chief Hops from America, Barth Haas and Lupix from Germany, and Hmezad from Slovenia.
    Our brewery is several simple systems made to work together as one complex system with the help Vasil Ilievsky formerly with BIP (Beogradska industrija piva, Belgrade Beer Industry). The fact that we actually designed the whole system gives us multiple options to create and change most of our processes and those results have given us amazing beers.

«We find our inspiration in classic beer recipes that we like, analyze them and mix with other styles. In this process, we keep in mind that the beer we create meets the Serbian taste, but at the same time has its special character. »

  • MILLIN’ n Mashin’
    MILLIN’ n Mashin’
    Mill the Grain- We crack open the malt just enough to get the sugars inside and use the husks as a filtering agent. The MASH – We make a kind of tea out of the cracked malt and water called the mash. Specific temperatures change to the mash mixture to create fermentable sugars as needed.
  • Filtering & Cooking
    Filtering & Cooking
    Filtration – The mash is transferred to the lauter tun or bistrenik where the mash is filtered and the wort/sladovina is separated from the spent grain. Cooking – We cook this sweet wort/sladovina for approximately 90 minutes at 100C. We add hops for bittering, flavor and aroma to compliment or contrast the malt profile that we filtered.
  • CELLAR WORK- Cooling/Fermentation/Conditioning
    CELLAR WORK- Cooling/Fermentation/Conditioning
    COOLING/AERATION into Fermenters- We cool the wort from 100C to 10-20C depending the beer style and the choice of yeast we will be using. We aerate inline after cooling. Aeration is needed for the yeast to begin eating the fermentable sugars. Add YEAST/ set control temperature for the fermenter. Primary/Secondary Fermentation – 14-25 days typically depending on the type of beer. This is where the yeast will eat all available fermentable sugars and make alcohol and carbon dioxide. Crash cool – Carbonate - Condition – We cool the “green” beer to 2C and pressurize the tank with CO2. Then we leave the beer alone for 1-4 weeks. The left-over yeast and hops in the beer will fall to the bottom of the tank and the beer becomes bright and clear ready to be served.
  • Ready to drink
    Ready to drink
    Filling- We finally fill 20L and 30L kegs as well as 0.33l and 0.75l bottles for our customers.

Let’s meet

Our characters do not play by anyone’s rules. They don’t care if the odds are stacked against them. They don’t care what life throws at them. Their lives are so adventurous that at first you believe they are a figment of someone’s imagination. They are not fictional, just bigger than life. Just like Kompas Beer.