Kompas Pivo Uncle Mike
by admin

In a time when many are moving to the West, Uncle Mike’s compass brings him to Serbia, in a quest for his Balkan dream. He is not even a spring chicken, if you know what we mean… Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Unlike our other characters, Uncle Mike cannot be found on Wikipedia. You’ll find him jumping out of an airplane, rafting down the Yukon, chatting with you when you stop by Kompas Pivo brewery in Belgrade… and that is just this year.

If you told Uncle Mike that he was brave for doing this, he would only shake his head in disagreement and start telling a joke. A politically incorrect joke, most probably. Maybe even a stupid joke, but you’d laugh for sure. If not at the joke then at Uncle Mike’s demeanor.

Uncle Mike circulates between West Coast and Alaska, where he maintains and repairs rescue helicopters for extreme fires, and Serbia, where his help and his humor mean the world to us.

It is when we are at our busiest, trying to hit that perfect temperature in beer tanks, adding just the right amount of hops, checking that the malt is has that glorious purity, that we would usually hear a long “Weeeell…”, and we’d know that Uncle Mike just arrived. Not to nag, nor to bitch about something, no. Uncle Mike comes to help, to give his best to our team, to be the most direct critic. Oh, and the funniest one for sure.

Just like all the other Kompas characters, Uncle Mike always follows the path less traveled and is of historical importance. Well, in the history of our very own Kompas Pivo journey at least. He is an absolute legend, to be more precise. We looked for ways of thanking him for being a major and constant supporter of our story since the conception of Kompas Pivo in 2009 up to this day. The decision was easily made, given that Kompas Pivo story would not exist without him.

We proudly dedicated our American pre-prohibition lager to his name.

Make sure to try it out and let Mike know what you think of it when you run into him at our brewery. Oh, and get ready for some 5* jokes.

Disclaimer: Mike is not really our uncle, but we call him so because everyone on our team low-key wishes that they were related to him. It would give us all a slight chance of having the genes of a benevolent and smiling man like he is.