Uncle Mike

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Well… life will be much easier if you have a sense of humor. And a million dollars.

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Unlike our other characters, you won’t find Uncle Mike on Wikipedia. But he is the person without whom the entire Komps Pivo story would not exist. Mike is not really our uncle, but so we call so because all of us from Compass would really wish we were related to him because that would mean that we also would possess the genes of a benevolent and smiling man like him. He has been around since the conception of Kompas Pivo in 2009.

In the time when everyone is moving West, in search of their American dream, Mike’s compass brought him to Serbia, in quest for his Balkan dream. Sounds pretty crazy, right? If you told him he was brave, he would only shake his hand and start telling a joke in his manner. A politically incorrect joke, maybe even a stupid joke, but no way you won’t smile. If not at the joke then at Mike’s demeanor.

Uncle Mike has been there and will always continue to be there for Kompas. When he is not in Serbia, he is usually maintaining and repairing helicopters for fires on the West Coast and Alaska. He was chosen as a character for our Kompas Lager, an American pre-prohibition lager, because he, like the others that we have put on the bottles, does not follow the path well-traveled. You never know what Uncle Mike may do… jump out of an airplane, raft down the Yukon, and that is just this year. Mike is not a spring chicken if you know what we mean…

Usually when we are at our busiest, trying to hit that perfect temperature in beer tanks, adding just the right amount of hops, checking that the malt is just the right purity, usually this is the moment when we would most often hear a long “Wellll”, which would signal the arrival of Uncle Mike. But we always knew he did not come to nag, to bitch about something, no. He came there to help, to do his best, to be the best possible critic, but also the funniest. He means the world to us.