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You don’t have to be a secret agent to make your life an exciting adventure.

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Here is another incredible life story in which truth is stranger than fiction with wild tales of adventure and intrigue but in the end becomes the basis for modern day action-adventure books and movies.

Dusko Popov was the son of wealthy Serbian merchants and could have lived a leisurely life with a steady job, a bachelor without a care in the world. However, when the Second World war started, he chose a whole different direction for his life. Popov, being a highly educated lawyer with sophisticated manners with a severe disdain for the spread of Nazism, became a double-agent between Great Britain and Germany in 1940.

Popov worked officially as an agent for the German Intelligence service while secretly gathering information for British Counterintelligence Service MI6 under the codename TRICYCLE. He infiltrated all channels of German secret communications, assisted with the successful invasion of the Allies in Normandy, and discovered Japan’s plans to attack Pearl Harbor. Popov passed the Pearl Harbor information to the head of the U.S. FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Thinking Popov as a triple agent, Hoover kicked him out of the country. What if he had believed Popov?

However, Popov was not all work. He became a legend through his lifestyle. He loved fast cars, beautiful women and a Bohemian lifestyle which became his trademark. Popov’s legend became inspiration for another young intelligence officer and budding writer, Ian Flemming. Popov was the inspiration for the character James Bond, 007.

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