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Have some faith.

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Constantine the Great (272-337) was a Roman emperor born in Naisus, nowadays called Nis, Serbia. Constantine refused to play by the rules and took the harder path which we made him a great candidate for a Kompas Pivo label. He began persecuting Christians and eventually became a Christian by the end of his life. Constantine also founded Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, which would soon become the capital of the Roman Empire for the next 1000 years.

Inspired by his life, we made this pale ale, from Summit hops and German malt. You will feel the perfect balance of flavors, aromas of exotic fruits led by tangerine, grapefruit and lemon peel. With Constantine began a brand new period in Roman history and with this light and drinkable ale, you can start a brand new period in your beer enjoyment. It may fascinate you so much that you will no longer want to drink any of the others, and perhaps this might be the thing that inspires you to go to an exciting journey where you can discover our other beers, learn about their tastes, as well as the incredible fates of the characters whose names they carry. Whatever direction you choose, you will not go wrong.