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Get to know the world around you with all your senses.

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What does the smell of the city look like? The sound of the rainforest? Touch of the ocean? Taste of India? Do we really need eyes to see the world?

James Holman, a 19th century adventurer, would certainly say that eyes were not necessary! At 25 years old, this lieutenant of the British Royal Navy had endured an illness that left him partially invalid and totally blind. Many in his place would give up, but not Holman. He longed to travel, and instead of end, this became the beginning of the adventure he remained dedicated to for the rest of his life.

He started to travel alone initially, only the surrounding countries of Great Britain, but then he expanded his travels all over Europe. But he did not stop there. He followed his own compass which took him to Russia, Asia and Africa. By the age of 70, he visited all the continents. He was the first blind person to finish the trip around the world and during his lifetime traveled more than 400,000 km. He also fought against the slave trade in the 1820’s. His notes on the flora of the Indian Ocean were even referenced by Darwin. He was quite an inspiration to many.

James studied and experienced the countries he was touring with all his other senses. He wrote several books about his experiences. We won’t ask you to write about your experiences. You do not even have to leave your seat. For starters, it’s enough just to close your eyes, try this India Pale Ale and let all your senses take you to distant, unexplored places.