Beer Games Kompas Pivo
by admin

Here is a quick guide through top 3 beer games that will spark up your night out!

Buffalo Club
There is only one golden rule of the Buffalo Club game: You and your friends are only allowed to hold a drink in your left hand throughout the night. If you see someone drinking from their right hand, they must chug beer.

That’s the game and it follows you everywhere you go.

Once you decide to play as a group, you become members of the Buffalo Club – forever required to drink with your left hand and always entitled to make your friends drink some more!

Screw you dealer
You’ll need a deck of cards and a dealer for this one.

The dealer places 10 cards face down on the table in one line. The dealer turns over the first card, and asks the person to guess whether the following one will be higher or lower.

Every time the player is wrong, they must take one drink per card that is face up saying “Screw you dealer”. When the player is right, the dealer takes a drink.

Most likely to
Beer is all you need for this one. Players take turns saying “most likely to get a joint Facebook profile with their partner,” “yelled at by his boss,” “star in a reality show” and so on. As soon as the question ends, everyone at the same time points to whomever they think would be most likely to do that thing. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them drinks beer. Repeat and laugh away. Expect creativity increasing as the game goes on.

Please note that the p(b)eer pressure is real with these ones – get ready to get competitive and enjoy the night away!