We have stories to tell

Handcrafted with Soul

How we started this unforgettable journey

Meet Kompas characters

Our characters do not play by anyone’s rules. They don’t care if the odds are stacked against them. They tackle whatever life throws at them. Their lives are so adventurous that at first you believe they are a figment of someone’s imagination. But they are not fictional, just bigger than life. Just like Kompas Beer.

What goes into our beer?

  • MALT
    We use Weyermann Malt from Germany all the way. Even for our base malts. We refuse to skimp on our ingredients, because details matter.
  • HOPS
    Yakima Chief Hops from USA, Hmezad from Slovenia, Barth Haas and Lupix from Germany are the hops we carefully selected for our beer.
    Our very own brewing system was designed in-house with the help of Vasil Ilievsky, former Technical Director of Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP).
    Our compass is the love for that unforgettable sip of quality beer. We make beer 24/7 and our only goal is to make it better than the last one.

Inspired by classic beer recipes,
crafted with authentic character.

  • Millin’ & Mashin’
    Millin’ & Mashin’
    The malt? Gets carefully opened, just enough to get the sugars inside. The husks? They proudly serve as the filtering agents.
  • Filtering & Cooking
    Filtering & Cooking
    The mash? Filtered. The hops? Added for bittering, flavor and aroma. (They compliment the filtered malt oh so lovingly.)
  • Cooling & Fermenting
    Cooling & Fermenting
    The wort? Gets cooled. The inline? Areates right after cooling. The yeast? Feasts on the fermentable sugars.
  • The real deal?
    The real deal?
    0.33L and 0.75L bottles, or 20L and 30L kegs, depending on your love for beer.

Do you own a bar
or a restaurant?

We gladly offer special rates for bars and restaurants that are interested in selling our Kompas Beer.