How we started this unforgettable journey?

Kompas Pivo opened in 2015, during the first Serbian craft rush.
We always wanted one thing… Okay, so we wanted many things…
However, our goal here was to merge the U.S. West Coast craft beer style with the traditional style of European beer industry. The idea sounds complicated, but it was even harder to accomplish it here in Serbia.
Much like characters on our beers, we do not follow the path most travelled. We will not compromise when it comes to quality. We constantly seek for perfect recipes that represent a balance between the two styles and provide an unforgettable experience with every sip.
We think that the most important part of beer quality is its ingredients. The other parts that make a difference between good and perfect beer are love and commitment, as well as our team, made of passionate beer lovers. True love for quality beer has pulled us into this journey and it will always be our compass on this wild adventure.